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Request for Renovation/Construction

Kindly fill in the form below for any requests related to:

  • Installation/modification of housing features/fixtures (such as AC, shower cubicle, kitchen cabinets etc.),
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • New construction
  • Extension of dwelling

In order to facilitate the process of application, it is mandatory to add a sketch of any proposed new construction and/or extension(s) that includes estimated specifications, so our project team has a clear idea of what is required, and to also give ideas of how to go about such works in a more conducive manner.

Should the form below not include feature your request, please email us on

Kindly note, all requests are forwarded to section concerned and a response should be given minimum 14 working days. Should you not receive any feedback pertaining to your request, please call Customer Service on (+248) 4672800.

Application Form

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Example such as Draft/sketch with estimated specifications or picture of proposed area


  1. PMC reserves the right to approval/refusal of requests.
  2. Should your request be approved, in the case of external constructions/renovation/ tenants in the same block will be informed by PMC.