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Customer Services

In order to ensure quick, efficient and cost-effective service delivery, the Customer service staff are available from Monday to Friday during working hours to attend to customer’s requests. Request can either be in person or by phone at our office at Ocean Gate House, Mahe or Pension Complex, Praslin. Our by filling in the respective form given on the website.

Should the nature of your request or complain not be featured on our website, kindly email us on

Written requests for installation works include:

  • Installation of sliding doors/windows
  • Installation of burglars bars
  • Installation of cable TV/internet
  • Installation of tiles
  • Installation of Air - Condition
  • Installation of camera
  • Internal renovation
PMC Seychelles Housing
PMC Seychelles Housing

Other constructions on PMC properties which require written permission are:

  • Modification to house structure
  • Construction of boundary wall/fence
  • Extension of houses
  • Permission to build second house
  • Paving the grounds

Planning permission must be sought after PMC approval, for all construction works. It is important that clients are prompt with their payment to ensure approval.
Other factors are also consiered before approval is granted. Each request is treated seperately and site visits are undertaken before approval.

PMC encourages clients not to distube other tenants when they are undertaking construction works.