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PMC is presently managing around 5,000 units of which 65% are clients on purchase agreements and the remaining 35% on tenancy agreements. The units are spread on 121 Housing Estates across Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

House purchase is a finance lease agreement whereby the house is transferred to the client when the final payment is made. The monthly repayment is by installments and is calculated based on the income of the applicants as follows: 


 Household Income Percentage Repayment
 SCR12,000 or less 20%
 SCR12,001 to SCR15,000 25%
 SCR15,001 and above 30%

Home Purchase agreement should not exceed 30 years repayment.

Rental of houses varies from SCR500 to SCR1,000 per month depending on the type of house.


 Year Number of Houses Allocated
 2011 55
 2012 116
 2013 83
 2014 75
 2015 291
 2016 199
 2017 352
 2018 281