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World Habitat Day: Ministry of Lands and Housing (MLH)

Ministry of Lands and Housing (MLH)


The Ministry:


To be a leading entity in the provision of efficient, sustainable and equitable use of land resources and facilitation of adequate housing provision to the citizenry of the country. 


Facilitate the national socio economic development through sustainable and efficient use of our land resources for habitat, economic, social, and infrastructural needs through effective policy framework, regulations and provision of ancillary technical services to the citizenry of the country. 


O Facilitate social, economic and environmental development through sustainable and efficient use of land resources; 

O Facilitate affordable housing opportunities to families become home owners, through social housing allocation, Condominium and housing loans.  

O Provide public infrastructure for the government and people of Seychelles through efficient procurement and management of projects 


Core Functions 

  1. Management of all state land including Acquisitions, Sales and Leases;
  2. Implementation of Land Bank Project, large scale Housing projects and small scale housing projects as per policy guideline and provision of Infrastructure (schools, hospital, walls etc...) through Infrastructure Department;
  3. Responsible for land policy and land related legislation
  4. Responsible for the surveying needs of the Government and all survey related Infrastructure including cadastral surveys;
  5. Developing the Geographic Information System (GIS) Centre (efficient use of acquired digital data throughout Government with the set objective of improving performance and decisionmaking in Government);
  6. Responsible for housing and provision of decent and affordable shelter as per requirements of the Seychelles Constitution and Government housing policy; and
  7. Management of the land and Housing Applications.



Affiliated Entities

The Ministry of Lands and Housing has two affiliated entities, which fall under its purview. The Seychelles Planning Authority and Property Management Corporation (PMC).

The Ministry also works in close partnership with the Housing Finance Company (HFC).

World Habitat Day: Background

World Habitat Day was established in 1985 by the United Nations General Assembly through Resolution 40/202, and was first celebrated in 1986. It takes place on the first Monday of October. The theme for this year's World Habitat Day is Accelerating urban action for a carbon-free world.

The purpose of World Habitat Day is to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter. It is also intended to remind the world that we all have the power and the responsibility to shape the future of our cities and towns. 

Habitat Week: The Seychelles Context 

In the Seychelles, traditionally, Habitat Day is celebrated on the 1st week of October, stretching the day into weeklong activities that put emphasis on Habitat and the highlighted theme. For this year, Habitat week will thus be celebrated from the 4th to the 9th of October with a full range of activities as per the attached calendar.  

The Inter-department committee has adapted the international theme, above, to fit into the local context. This year’s celebration will thus be under the banner of “Akseler aksyon pour en meyer lanvironman”

Summary of Calendar of activities 

The calendar of activities takes into consideration COVID 19 restrictions and targets audiences of different age groups. The activities are geared to give more information to applicants and the public at large on the various efforts the Government is making to improve/accelerate Housing programs and prepare the public in the Housing Sector on the eminent policy adjustment/changes. Another important aspect of the activities is to promote and educate more of different job opportunities in the field of Housing and Lands.


Habitat Week 

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World Habitat Day: Minister’s Message Billy Rangasamy We commemorate World Habitat Day this year.



Monday 4th October 2021

World Habitat Day: Minister’s Message

Minister Billy Rangasamy

We commemorate World Habitat Day this year, with an eye on what we have achieved, where we could have done better as we reflect on what we can further improve and achieve for our future generations. An important lesson learned from the COVID 19 Pandemic is that everything in life is interconnected. It has brought more meaning and a deeper sense of appreciation of what we have achieved as a small nation. But more importantly as a small young nation, COVID has reminded us of our vulnerability and indeed also of our strengths and the actions we must all take to ensure a better sustainable economic future. The same applies to the Housing Sector.

The theme chosen for this year supports this statement as action is important for intended change.

My dear friends as we linger on the COVID cross road, the Housing Sector faces a similar challenge. As a Ministry, we recognize the noble but challenging role we play as facilitator in ensuring our citizens have access to adequate shelter. Locally our achievements in the Housing field are commendable for a small island nation but we still have a long way to go as our list of demand continues to increase. With our limited resources, matching the demand undoubtedly remains a constant challenge especially in the current and foreseeable economic landscape.  Our Actions, must also, therefore be targeted towards addressing other elements linked to the increasing demand for housing and not just funding to build more but realigning our policies with today’s reality. To complement those efforts actions must also be taken to address the root causes of housing challenges in order to build on a stronger foundation as a united nation.

Easier said than done, but a worthy investment towards our current challenges in the medium and long term to ensure we deliver a robust and sound sustainable housing programme. The Government of Seychelles remains committed to this programme and also we urge our people to also take their housing responsibilities very seriously.

Pandan La semenn Labita, Minister pe profite pour sansibiliz plis manm piblik lo diferan proze e progranm Later ek Lakaz e osi nouvo stratezi e polisi pou lavenir. Anmemtan,  mon Minister pe profit sa lokazsyon pour fer bann adolesan ki pe al zwenn laz mazer komans reflesir lo zot plan lozman pour le fitir e osi zot responsabilite familyal.

Minister ek son bann lazans konsernen, pe ankouraz bann zenn profesyonel lavenir pou komans fer refleksyon lo zot plan lon term an sa ki konsern sekter ki zot anvi komans en karyer profesyonel ladan. Dan sekter Lakaz ek Later, pou sir, I anan bokou pour aprann. Demann pour diferan louvraz tel ki arpanter later, enzenyer striktir batiman, enzenyer mekanik batiman e elektrik, enzenyer proteksyon lakot, enzenyer drenaz ek semen, urban planners, arsitek, quantity surveyors e land valuers I reste primordial dan Sesel. I pour ede koup lo kantite depans ki Gouvernman I fer pour anploy etranze.

Bann zenn Seselwa, fiy koman garson, analiz byen bann posibilte dan Minister Later ek Lakaz, vinn devan e angaz avek mon Minister. Osi avek bann lezot Minister konsernen, tel ki Minister Ledikasyon ek Lanplwa, bann loportinite I ava ganny eksplore pou ki Sesel I a kapab anan son full lekip profesyonel e teknik dan Konstriksyon.

Nou osi vwar bokou etranze ki pe tavay koman zouvriye mason, sarpantye, elektrisyen e plonber ki pe travay dan bann konpanyen kontrakter Sesel. Mon Minister in devlop bokou proze lakaz, Lenfrastriktir e Lotorite Planning I responsab kontrol devlopman Sesel. Nou konsernen avek mankman nou prop Seselwa dan sa bann travay enportan e koman en Minister ki responsab pou la mazorite konstriksyon Sesel, nou pe lans en lapel pou bann zenn Seselwa pou pran sa bann en karyer ek lafyerte dan sa bann domenn konstriksyon. I tre enportan pou ki nou ranforsi nou konpetans e osi nou mendev Seselwa.

Nou osi donn nou langanzman e komitman pou sa tenm zournen labita sa lannen, “akseler aksyon pou en meyer lanvironnman”. Nou vwar lenpak polisyon dan lemonn e Sesel pann ganny eparnye. Nou bezwen devlop bann batiman e proze ki pran kont lenerzi e proteksyon nou lanvironnman e resours presye tel ki nou later e lanmer. Nou bezwen zwe nou rol e protez sa kado presye ki Bon Dye inn donn nou, nou zoli Sesel. Nou pe fer tande nou lavwa dan bann forum enternasyonal menm si nou enn ti leta zil, me aksyon fodre akselere e nou tou, zenn koman vye nou bezwen zwe nou rol pou e pous seryezman pou nou pran nou responsabilite e akseler bann proze ki soutenab finasyerman e osi pou nou lanvironman afen ki nou prosen zenerasyon ki pe vini I a kontinyen apresye la bote e la rises sa zoli pei beni Sesel.

Bonn Fet Semen Labita tou dimoun.

Minister visits housing and land projects |13 April 2021

Minister visits housing and land projects The Minister for Land and Housing, Billy Rangasamy, along with officials from his ministry, yesterday visited several ongoing projects to check on progress and meet the contractors. “It was always my wish since I took the land and housing portfolio to check on the various projects that fall under the ministry,” said Minister Rangasamy. He noted that during his visit he was made aware of some issues and challenges that contractors are facing at various sites and he and his team were able to offer some guidance. “During the visit we were also able to remind the contractors of the urgency of the projects as we need them to be completed as soon as possible.” The visit started at Pointe Larue where the minister visited the 24x24 social housing project in the district. The project consists of three blocks of flat with 24 units of which 16 are three bedrooms and 8 are two bedrooms. Following this he visited the land bank also located in the district where development began in September 2019. However due to unforeseen circumstances it still hasn't been completed. The final stop was at Anse Royale where another 24x24 apartment complex is being constructed similarly to Pointe Larue. Following his visit the minister said that he is very satisfied with what he had seen. The accompanying photos show some highlights of the minister’s visit.

Lands and Housing Minister Billy Rangasamy visits Property Management Corporation

Lands and Housing Minister Billy Rangasamy visits Property Management Corporation Calls on stakeholders to help rid housing estates of anti-social behavior. All concerned stakeholders should take their responsibility and do their part to help the Property Management Corporation combat drug and anti-social issues on housing estates. Minister for Lands and Housing Billy Rangasamy made this remark when he visited the Property Management Corporation (PMC) head office at Oceangate House yesterday afternoon.

3,200 homes set to receive concession on PMC housing

03 September 2020 3,200 homes set to receive concession on PMC housing Mrs Antha By Elsie Pointe Chief executive of the Property Management Corporation, Evelina Antha has confirmed that 3,200 of the corporation’s clients are set to benefit with the 25% concession scheme from the government. First announced on Monday, the scheme is one of the measures being undertaken by the government to deal with the stress placed on the local economy by the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the concession scheme, the government will pay 25% of the monthly payments for the Property Management Corporation (PMC) and the Housing Finance Company (HFC) customers for 16 months, from September 2020 to December 2021. In regards to PMC, the concession will only be applicable for its 3,200 customers who hold a housing purchase agreement. Persons who are to receive government housing and embark on a housing purchase agreement with PMC between September 2020 and December 2021 will also benefit with the scheme. Those with house rental agreements with the PMC are however not eligible for the concession. “The government, through the ministry of finance, will refund the PMC 25% on behalf of the clients on a monthly basis,” Mrs Antha explained. “Currently, PMC has about 3,200 clients on house purchase agreement from which we are collecting a total of R4.6 million. The government will refund R1.1 million monthly to PMC.” This means that PMC’s concession will cost the government around R17.6 million in total. Added to the estimated R56 million that will go towards HFC’s concession, the entirety of the scheme reaches a substantial R73.6 million. “Over 80% of our clients are paying through salary deductions and standing orders, so we will go towards their employers to reduce the 25% from their monthly repayments and in cases of standing orders we will contact the clients individually so that they can amend their standing orders. For those making cash payments, the reduction will apply when they come to make their payments at the cashier,” said Mrs Antha whilst explaining the payment mechanisms for the next 16 months. Prior to the concession, Mrs Antha said that PMC had kick started discussions with the government earlier this year in regards to the repercussions of the pandemic. “We were assessing the financial impacts on the company and we saw that the redundancies and other challenges brought by the pandemic would very much mean that some of our clients would not be able to pay their dues. In fact, we had started providing grace periods or reductions for some, taking into account our repayment policy and based on merit,” Mrs Antha said. “Nonetheless we realised that these were only short term solutions because PMC depends on these repayments to be able to finance its operation.” “We collect R6 million in total per month but our expenses are R5.5 million, so if the cash flow is not entering our system we would be in a lot of difficulties. So we welcome this move by the government because we will not have to request for their financial support in the long run and our customers also benefit,” added Mrs Antha. As to why those renting houses with PMC will not gain from the scheme, Mrs Antha replied: “The maximum amount we charge for house rental agreements is R1,000 per month and we find this to be quite affordable compared to the local house rental market, which is why they will not benefit.” PMC has a repayment period of 25 years for its house purchase agreement in which payments are made by monthly installments and is calculated based on the income of the applicants.

R30m allocated for re-roofing and tiling project | 16 March 2020


R30m allocated for re-roofing and tiling project

(L to r) PS Choppy, Ms Antha and Mr Augustin during the press meet (Photo: Jude Morel)

In his State-of-the-nation address, President Danny Faure announced that the Property Management Corporation (PMC) will be undertaking certain projects through financing of the PMC bond issued at the end of January 2020.

The projects include renovation works on blocks of flats, construction of sewage systems on a number of housing estates and re-roofing of government-built houses covered with concrete tiles. A sum of R30m has been allocated for these projects.

Evelina Antha, the chief executive of PMC, accompanied by the principal secretary in the department of infrastructure, Yves Choppy, and the PMC finance manager Nelson Augustin met the press last week to provide comprehensive details with regard to the financing, implementation and technical aspect of the project.

The government last year approved the mechanism to assist homeowners to re-roof their houses. Over 100 residents living in semi-detached/terraced houses built during the years 1997 to 2005 will benefit from this project this year.

Currently, there are 754 houses with roofing tiles out of which 571 are at Roche Caiman and the rest are spread out over several districts. 80% of those houses were constructed over 20 years ago and 75% of the residents have already paid off their houses. The estates prioritised to be re-roofed in this year takes into consideration the age of the houses and reports and facts of roof leakage. The concrete tiles will be replaced with corrugated zinc aluminium sheets.

“R10 million have been allocated for the renovation of blocks of flats including re-roofing and repainting of certain blocks of flats in the districts; R10 million will be used to construct sewage treatment plants on the estate where PMC is encountering sewage issues and another R10 million will be used to re-roof the houses containing concrete roof tiles in different districts where over 100 residents will benefit from that.

Residents whose houses are more than 15 years old will have to pay 100% of the cost of renovation, whereas those residing in houses that are less than 15 years will pay only 50% of the cost of renovation.

For houses on rental, PMC will bear the cost. The 15-year- old period starts as of 2018 because all houses after 2005 are covered with proper material,” explained Ms Antha.

What is the logic behind fixing the cost to be paid? “When we were revising the scheme, we established a minimal life span for the roofing structures that we felt that the owners will invest in the maintenance and also based on the materials used during that time, we decided a cut off line. Once buying the house with PMC, the buyers knew they were responsible for the maintenance of the house,” noted Mr Choppy.

As most of the houses are semi-detached, PMC found it more practical to have a coordinated scheme and do a general renovation rather than piece-work.

The sewage projects that connect the housing estates to the sewage system are being conducted at Grand Anse, Village Lesperance and Carana Housing estates. The budget also caters for a consultancy contract for a consultant to design for sewage management for the other estates.

Mr Choppy is urging the concerned residents to welcome this project as PMC is trying to facilitate the renovation without them having to go through the hassle.

Mr Choppy stressed on the fact that the current design used by the government is still solid to deal with the effects of climate change. “But if we get cyclones, then the roofs will not resist. We are already working with other non-governmental organisations and the Planning Authority to look into this probability.”

Ms Antha noted that all those whose houses are concerned, the government will pursue the project next year. “We will come to you and together with your district administrator, we will present you with the project and will advise you when it will start. There will be a repayment scheme for the projects by the clients. PMC will do all the payments for the renovation projects but the clients will have to pay back on a monthly basis through an agreement with the PMC. But all these will be decided with each client after consultation,” concluded Ms Antha.

In general, PMC has some 5000 active clients. This year, the renovations will start at Les Mamelles (6 units); Roche Caiman (115 units); Port Glaud (12 units); Grand Anse Mahe (12 units); Anse Aux Pins (8 units); Baie Ste Anne, Praslin (10 units); English River (13 units); Mont Buxton (6 units) and Plaisance (6 units).


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