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World Habitat Day 2018 Exhibition showcases ‘a clean and safe environment’

‘A clean and safe environment’ is the theme the organisers chose for the habitat exposition held yesterday.

The exposition held on the ground floor of the Independence House was part of activities organised by the Ministry for Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport to commemorate World Habitat Day.

Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport Minister Pamela Charlette said this theme was chosen to emphasise on the collective efforts being made to eliminate garbage problems, pollutions, noise and other social ills affecting our habitat environment.

“It gives my team and I great pleasure in showcasing our accomplishments,” said Minister Charlette.

She added that the objective of her ministry is to respond to the demands of the citizens of Seychelles for appropriate accommodation, which is one of the fundamental rights to which every human being is inherently entitled to.

Property Management Corporation

She also noted that although the demands for land continuously increases, resources stay very limited in the country which results in not every citizen being able to have their own land.

“Therefore, the department of land use has identified different plots of land for several projects under the land bank programme with the aim of having 200 plots of lands each year to be allocated to people who meet the requirements,” she added.

Minister Charlette also sent out a message to all Seychellois citizens who have bought their plot of land to develop it instead of selling it for profits.

Property Management Corporation

Taking part in the activities were the Property Management Corporation, Housing Finance Company, Land Waste Management Agency and Planning Authority.

The exhibition was open to the public and officials of the different organisations were available to respond to any queries from the public.

The accompanying photos show guests and visitors viewing the exhibition.

12 fanmiy i resevwar lakle zot nouvo lakaz

12 fanmiy pou byento antre dan zot nouvo lakaz Marie-Jeanne Estate 2, dan distrik Baie Ste Anne, Praslin.

Sa bann fanmiy ti resevwar lakle zot nouvo lakaz yer dan en pti seremoni kot sa housing estate e sa seremoni ti koensid avek Lasemenn Labita.

Minis pour Labita, Lenfrastriktir ek Transpor lo later, Madanm Pamela Charlette, son trwa sekreter prensipal, plizyer lezot zofisye son minister e bann dimoun ki’n ganny zot nouvo lakaz ti prezan pour temwanny sa moman.

Dan son ladres pour bann envite, Minis Charlette ti partaz tenm Lasemenn Labita pour sa lannen ki ‘En lanvironnman prop e an bonn sante’ e ankouraz bann nouvo lokater pour pran bon swen avek zot fwaye ek housing estate. I ti ankouraz zot pour fer en zefor kolektiv pour redwir bann lenpakt negativ lo zot estate.

Property management corporation Seychelles

Minis Charlette ti osi fer resorti ki dan kad proze 24 lakaz dan 24 distrik dan 24 mwan, 90 younit in fini konplete e 494 lezot i anba konstriksyon. Lo Praslin, nouvo lokasyon pou byento ganny idantifye pour konstriksyon ankor lakaz pour zwenn demann kominote Pralinwa.

Minis ti answit vizit enn sa nouvo younit akonpannyen par son popriyeter Madanm Ketty Moosa.

«Mon satisfe avek mon nouvo lakaz apre 24-an ki mon'n espere, menm si i en pe pti,” Ketty ti dir.

Sa 12 younit 3 lasanm i swiv premye faz sa housing estate kot 12 younit ti ganny distribye an Zen lannen pase. Sa enn faz in fer par lakonpannyen Vijay Construction e in kout 7.1 milyon roupi. I’n pran 9 mwan pour konstrir sa bann lakaz.

Nouvo sistenm pwen pour alokasyon lakaz ti ganny servi pour selekte bann lokater e sa i en kontinyasyon alokasyon premye faz sa estatekot sa minister in travay avek distrik pour vwar lord priorite bann aplikan. Sekreter prensipal pour lakaz Denis Barbé ti fer resorti ki sa minister in fini aziste design pour bann proze lefitir pour asire ki bann younit i pli gran e amelyor konfor bann fanmiy.

En trwazyenm faz 12 younit i anvizaze konmanse lannen prosen akote sa enn ki fek terminen.

Avek en total 36 younit, sa estate pou osi resevwar en sistenm tretman desarz (sewerage treatment plant).

PMC Seychelles

PMC marks 5th anniversary with exhibition

The Property Management Company (PMC) is hosting a two-day exhibition to celebrated its 5th anniversary which fell on September 1, 2008. The exhibition, which is being held at the Carrefour des Art art gallery, was officially opened yesterday in the presence of ministers, members of the National Assembly, district administrators as well as PMC staff.

In her opening remarks, Evelina Antat, chief executive of PMC, pointed out that PMC could not do its job without the public themselves taking their responsibilities. “My home, your homes, our homes, I want us all to embrace the homes we have been provided with. It is time we do away with drugs, social ills, neighbours dispute, disturbances, vandalism, non-rent repayment and all the practices that negatively affect our housing estates,” said Ms Antat.

Property Management SeychellesProperty Management Seychelles

Referring to the exhibition’s theme – ‘My Home, My Responsibility’ -- Ms Antat stated that to maintain a home or a house, is one’s responsibility and that one should ensure all developments made on their houses are safe and secure. The Minister for Habitat, Lands, Infrastructure and Land Transport, Pamela Charlette, who was also present at the ceremony, spoke about the marvellous work that PMC has been doing over the years. During the ceremony, poems were recited to describe the theme ‘My home, my responsibility’ as well as the joy of having a home. Patrick Victor also sang his song entitled ‘PMC’ which has been composed especially for the occasion.

The most repeated line in the song is “ou lakour i ou responsabilite” which is in line with PMC’s main theme. The exhibition showcases a series of PMC’s projects over the past years as well as information on PMC itself. The exhibition will remain open to the public today from 8.30am to 4pm.

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