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Prezidan i fer son premye vizit Praslin pour sa lannen

Prezidan Danny Faure yer ti fer son premye vizit lo Praslin pour sa nouvo lannen, pli presizeman dan distrik Grand Anse, malgre letan pa ti tro favorab.

Vizit ti konmans kot batiman Fon Pansyon e la sa delegasyon ki ti konpri bann zofisye dan Biro Prezidan ti vizit trwa biro gouvernman.

Property Management Company (PMC) – sa lakonpannyen ki zer bann propriyete gouvernman – ti premye pour akeir sa delegasyon swivi par lazans proteksyon sosyal ek Housing Finance Company (HFC).

Prezidan ti ganny sans vizit sa bann lofis, ganny detay lo la fason ki zot travay i fonksyonnen e diskit avek bann travayer lo zot bann lakonsplisman ensi ki defi.

Answit delegasyon prezidansyel ti al vwar lofis lazans lagrikiltir e la zot ti osi annan en pti rankont avek bann travayer.

Sa delegasyon ti ganny sans vizit senk fermye dan sa distrik, ki a en pwen ti parmi sa premye 5 distrik dan pei lo nivo prodiksyon agrikol.

Jimmy Serret, Andrew Charles, Wilsen Joubert, Pearson Nibourette ek Neville Ally ti ganny sans akeir prezidan kot zot laferm pour serten diskisyon.

Parmi bann problenm pli mazer ki zot ti fer resorti se retar dan 'disbursement' loan atraver labank devlopman (DBS) dan kad nouvo plan konpreansiv Minister Lagrikiltir ki ti lanse resaman.

Bann fermye ti osi fer resorti en mankman marse pour zot prodwi ki zot souvan vwar pe gate avek zot. Zot ti eksprim lenportans pour annan mwens lenportasyon sirtou serten prodwi ki fasilman ganny prodwi lokalman tel ki leti e plito ankouraz gouvernman pour met plis zefor dan promosyon bann prodwi lokal parmi bann zabitan, laboutik ek bann letablisman touristik.

Mankman dan bann prodwi tel ki legren ek pwazon lera ti osi ganny souleve.

Prezidan ti donn son langazman pour vwar bann diferan fason ki i kapab asiste bann fermye tel ki posibilite pour ankouraz STC pour aste plis prodwi lokal avek bann fermye lo Praslin.

Bann portre ki akonpanny lartik i montre serten moman for vizit Prezidan Faure ek son delegasyon lo Praslin yer.Top of FoBottom of Form


Teks: Nadia Bedier

Portre: Romano Laurence



Source Seychelles Nation 

Employees Achievements

Congratulations to Mr. Nelson Renaud, the System Support Administrator of the Property Management Corporation, on winning the Young Entrepreneur Award of the year, 2018.

Mr. Renaud, who is an employee at PMC, is also a farmer and was instrumental in establishing the new Farmer’s Association. He has a passion for Agriculture, and is the Chairperson of the Local Food Producers Association.

Mr. Renaud is also a member of the Board of the Agency for Social Protection. He is showing that with hard work and dedication, young people can follow their dreams. PMC wishes Mr. Nelson Renaud the very best in his future endeavors.

Nelson Renaud PMC

We also extend our Congratulations to Mr. Percy Renaud, the Land Surveyor of the Property Management Corporation, on being sworn in as a Licensed Land Surveyor on the 6th December 2018. Mr. Renaud was an employee of HFC since 2011 and was transferred to PMC on September 1st 2013 when the two (2) corporations split.

Percy Renaud PMC

Congratulations to the Procurement Supervisor of the Property Management Corporation, Ms. Dedrey Auguste who obtained Certificate in General Management from the University of Seychelles on the 15th November 2018. Ms. Auguste was an employee of HFC since 2011 and was transferred to PMC on September 1st 2013 when the two (2) corporations split.

Dedrey Auguste


St Louis gets new housing estate

A newly built housing estate at St Louis was officially opened on Saturday.

It was President Danny Faure and the Minister for Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport (MHILT) Pamela Charlette who officially inaugurated the Oliver Housing Estate.

Also present were the MNA for St Louis Sandy Arrisol, principal secretary for infrastructure Yves Choppy, principal secretary for housing Denis Barbe, principal secretary for local government Marine-Celine Vidot, district administrator for St Louis Rachel Joseph among other invited guests as well as the new  tenants.

The estate forms part of the government's initiative to provide 24 houses in 25 districts in 24 months, which was announced in 2016 and which was to be completed by February 2019.

Since construction on the Oliver Housing Estate recently completed this month, St Louis joins the few other districts which have met the scheduled completion deadline.

It is also the first housing project to have been allocated using the land points system.

The estate comprises five block of 36 units of which 12 are three-bedroom units and 24 are two-bedroom units.

It has been named after the previous owner of the land, Therese Oliver, who transferred the land to the government in 2005 following lengthy discussions.

But it was only in November 2015 that Allied Builders were awarded the contract for the housing project which the construction company was initially expected to complete by March 2018.

During her keynote address, Minister Charlette stated that the Oliver Housing Estate is one of the greatest accomplishments under the 24 houses in 25 districts in 24 months initiative.

She noted that there are 200 housing applicants in St Louis of which 128 are actively contributing to their future homes while 81 applicants are not.

Minister Charlette also gave an overview of the application process which she described as lengthy, intense and emotional.

“It is the first project that allocation was made using the land point system which proritises applicants according to their needs and merit,” Minister Charlette explained.

“Various meetings with applicants were organised and visits were conducted when necessary with the district committee to assess the housing situation of these applicants.”

In this same allocation, her ministry also took the opportunity to address the needs of a few large families who had been residing in bedsitters for more than 12 years.

“This is an opportunity for these families to better cater for their children and create a better environment that will help them flourish [...],” Minister Charlette provided.

A house that caters to the needs of a family, Minister Charlette continued, encourages children to perform better at school and parents to become more productive at work hence contributing to the country’s progress.

Nonetheless, Minister Charlette strongly emphasised on the need for the tenants to be responsible and to honour their agreements with the Property Management Company (PMC).

She asked that the tenants transform their new houses into homes where peace, respect and harmony prevail and become an exemplary community in their district.

Tenants were also requested to ensure their housing payments are made on time.

“I want to highlight that the ministry, through its housing policy of 2018, will not tolerate anti-social activities on this estate,” Minister Charlette stressed.

“This agreement signed with PMC is one which is valid and this agency has the right to undertake any necessary measures with residents who break this agreement, hence I implore you all to avoid actions that could cost you your homes.”

One of the new tenants, Marlene Saunders, also echoed out the same sentiments stating that a house is an investment and that the residents of Oliver Housing Estate should persevere to live in harmony and be exemplary neighbours.

The estate was blessed by Anglican Priest, Reverend Daniel Kalle, after which President Faure and other officials were led on a tour of some of the new homes.

The opening ceremony also included entertainments such as performances by the Belonie School choir, MHILT choir and a visit from Father Christmas for the children of the estate.

St Louis expects to benefit from another stock of government housing in the coming years.

PMC seychellesPMC seychellesPMC seychelles

758 lakaz konstrir par gouvernman pou ganny nouvo twatir

Dan son rankont Merkredi sa semen, Konsey Minis in aprouv fason ki bann kalite twil lo twatir 758 lakaz pou ganny ranplase akoz zot pe donn pa mal problenm bann zabitan e zot fer twatir koule. 

Sa i vin apre ki sa problenm i’n size kestyon anmennen par plizyer manm Lasanble Nasyonal resaman. 

Letan i ti pe donn lapres plis detay lo sa desizyon Konsey Minis, Depite Sekreter  Konsey Minis pour bann Zafer Polisi, Manmzel Margaret Pillay, in dir ki pandan sa rankont Konsey Minis, departman lenfrastriktir in prezant en papye avek Konsey Minis pour vwar fason ki zot kapab ranplas sa bann kouvertir.

Parmi de group proze lakaz ki annan sa bann kalite twatir i Roche Caiman ki ti konstri an 1996 e dezyenm i bann lakaz ki ti konstri ant 1999 ek 2004 letan ki ti vreman difisil pour ganny materyo konstriksyon.

“I annan 758 sa bann lakaz ki pou bezwen ganny rekouver e Konsey Minis in aprouve ki i annan serten poursantaz ki gouvernman i kapab ede e serten poursantaz ki gouvernman pou fasilit lòn pour ed sa bann rezidan rekouver zot lakaz,” Manmzel Pillay ti eksplike.

I’n fer resorti ki parmi sa 758 lakaz i annan dimoun ki’n fini pey zot lakaz e lezot ki ankor pe peye e lezot ki ankor pe ganny antretenir par Property Management Company (PMC).

Manmzel Pillay i dir ki pour bann dimoun ki lakaz i annan plis ki 15-an e zot in fini peye e i pour zot, zot pou ganny akse avek lòn fasilite par gouvernman e bann ki mwens ki 15-an gouvernman pou kontribye 50% dan fre e PMC pou ganny manda pour sirvey sa prosesis pour asire ki sa bann travay i ganny fer byen.

Tou sa bann twatir i ekspekte ganny ranplase dan en dele letan 4-an.

Departman Lenfrastriktir i ekspekte donn plis detay byento lo sa prosesis e bann fanmir osi pou ganny plis lenformasyon lo prosedir lòn ek lasistans pour zot rekouver zot lakaz.

Signing of Title Deeds/ Transfer Agreements for Social Condominiums

As per the Condominiums Property Act,1996, consolidated to 1 December 2014; all the paid off cases for the clients residing in blocks of flats managed by PMC will gradually transfer to social Condominiums.

On the 9th November 2018, PMC witnessed the signing of transfer for 29 clients out of 40 who have paid off their units from the following estates: Ex Geers – St Louis, Chetty flat- Anse Aux Pins and Rock Lane- Bel Air. This was done before the notary public Mrs. Laura Alcindor Valabhji, who is also a specialist in Condominiums law.

605 housing units to be completed by 2019

Seven housing projects under the ‘24 houses in 24 months in 24 districts’ programme will not meet the scheduled completion deadline set for February 2019.

However, all the housing projects under this programme, which will consist of a total of 605 housing units, are expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

These particulars were presented yesterday during a presentation held at State House to appraise and assess the ‘24 houses in 24 months in 24 districts’ programme.

Property management corporationProperty management corporation

Present were President Danny Faure, Vice-President Vincent Meriton, Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon, various ministers, senior government officials, district administrators and chairpersons of regional councils as well as staff of the Ministry for Habitat, Lands, Infrastructure and Land Transport.

The programme for the construction of 24 houses in 24 districts in 24 months was initially announced in President Faure’s state-of-the-nation address in February 2016.

The ambitious project was set to construct housing units in each district in a bid to address the most deserving cases under the social housing programme.

During her remarks at the presentation, Habitat, Lands, Infrastructure and Land Transport Minister Pamela Charlette revealed that 102 housing units have already been completed in three districts so far.

Additionally, construction is ongoing on 353 housing units in 15 districts while projects in five other districts are expected to break ground soon, wherein 155 units will be constructed pending the relocation of sitting tenants.

The planning processes for two other projects have been completed and her ministry is finalising the procurement procedures, Minister Charlette told the gathering.

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