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SDA to set up and adopt new playground at Olivier Housing Estate

The Seventh Day Adventist church (SDA) of St Louis has adopted a small vacant area at the Olivier Housing Estate, Belonie which will be turned into a playground for the children living there.

The adoption of the area was to celebrate Global Youth Day, observed by SDA youths worldwide.

After a praise and worship session and the area had been adopted, some residents of the housing estate joined the youths from SDA and from the St Louis district to conduct general cleaning of the area designated for the playground and also around the housing estate.

The purpose of this adoption initiative is to continue serving the community, promoting a healthy lifestyle and building strong communities.

It also serves as a catalyst to motivate and encourage young people to cultivate a spirit of volunteerism, respect, hard work and service to their community.

Present for the adoption and voluntary work at the Olivier Housing Estate were the principal secretary for Youth and Sports, Fabien Palmyre, St Louis district administrator Rachel Joseph, the chief executive of the Property Management Company (PMC) Evelina Antha, the president Seychelles mission of Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), Pastor Enworth Baxen, youths and other members of SDA and also some residents.

According to Pastor Abel Ntep from SDA, SDA’s youth ministry will seek sponsorship for the playing equipment for the fenced playground and alongside the residents, will maintain the playground.

He hopes that the playground will be fully equipped and ready by the middle of the year. For the time being the children can make use of the vacant lot for recreational activities.

Pastor Ntep also confirmed that SDA will conduct voluntary work at the estate on a monthly basis in partnership with the residents and the St Louis district administration. This, he said, will get the community to take ownership of its own assets.

He noted that SDA will also organise activities for both children and parents so as to bring the residents closer together which will be for the benefit of the children growing up.

Micheal Morel, a resident who was giving a helping hand, said the adoption of the playground was a good initiative taken by the SDA youth ministry and now his six- year-old daughter can have a safe place to play with her friends.

He said if he is free from other duties he will give a helping hand to clean the estate whenever such activity arises.

Mrs Joseph said that the DA’s office appreciates the initiative taken by the SDA youth ministry to adopt the play area and cleaning exercise and urged the residents to use the facility wisely when operational and to give the youths a helping hand in maintaining the playground and cleaning exercises.

Ms Antha said PMC welcomes such initiative that promotes togetherness on housing estates while Pastor Baxen said the adoption and voluntary project, to celebrate GYD, is to show the residents that other people care for them.

PS Palmyre said the initiative taken by the SDA youth ministry in collaboration with the St Louis district demonstrates the spirit of volunteerism among the youths and he was very happy to see the participation of very young children also.

“Children learn by example and not necessarily by what you tell them,” Mr Palmyre said as he urged other residents who were still in their homes at the time to come out and share a little volunteerism as a sign of motivation to the children present.

GYB is a day of awareness and sensitisation for SDA youths all over the world. The day gives the youths a chance to reflect on their lives and on the reality of other young people thus taking decisive actions to give, share and to help others through acts of kindness. The GYD started in 2013 and since, thousands of Adventist youths worldwide have observed and participated actively in this annual youth initiative.


Source Seychelles Nation.