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PMC marks 5th anniversary with exhibition

The Property Management Company (PMC) is hosting a two-day exhibition to celebrated its 5th anniversary which fell on September 1, 2008. The exhibition, which is being held at the Carrefour des Art art gallery, was officially opened yesterday in the presence of ministers, members of the National Assembly, district administrators as well as PMC staff.

In her opening remarks, Evelina Antat, chief executive of PMC, pointed out that PMC could not do its job without the public themselves taking their responsibilities. “My home, your homes, our homes, I want us all to embrace the homes we have been provided with. It is time we do away with drugs, social ills, neighbours dispute, disturbances, vandalism, non-rent repayment and all the practices that negatively affect our housing estates,” said Ms Antat.

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Referring to the exhibition’s theme – ‘My Home, My Responsibility’ -- Ms Antat stated that to maintain a home or a house, is one’s responsibility and that one should ensure all developments made on their houses are safe and secure. The Minister for Habitat, Lands, Infrastructure and Land Transport, Pamela Charlette, who was also present at the ceremony, spoke about the marvellous work that PMC has been doing over the years. During the ceremony, poems were recited to describe the theme ‘My home, my responsibility’ as well as the joy of having a home. Patrick Victor also sang his song entitled ‘PMC’ which has been composed especially for the occasion.

The most repeated line in the song is “ou lakour i ou responsabilite” which is in line with PMC’s main theme. The exhibition showcases a series of PMC’s projects over the past years as well as information on PMC itself. The exhibition will remain open to the public today from 8.30am to 4pm.