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Minister visits housing and land projects |13 April 2021

Minister visits housing and land projects The Minister for Land and Housing, Billy Rangasamy, along with officials from his ministry, yesterday visited several ongoing projects to check on progress and meet the contractors. “It was always my wish since I took the land and housing portfolio to check on the various projects that fall under the ministry,” said Minister Rangasamy. He noted that during his visit he was made aware of some issues and challenges that contractors are facing at various sites and he and his team were able to offer some guidance. “During the visit we were also able to remind the contractors of the urgency of the projects as we need them to be completed as soon as possible.” The visit started at Pointe Larue where the minister visited the 24x24 social housing project in the district. The project consists of three blocks of flat with 24 units of which 16 are three bedrooms and 8 are two bedrooms. Following this he visited the land bank also located in the district where development began in September 2019. However due to unforeseen circumstances it still hasn't been completed. The final stop was at Anse Royale where another 24x24 apartment complex is being constructed similarly to Pointe Larue. Following his visit the minister said that he is very satisfied with what he had seen. The accompanying photos show some highlights of the minister’s visit.