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Ed nou Pou Ed Ou

Mon lakaz, mon responsabilite.

Rezidan reflekte lo zot kontribisyon pou amelyor lanvironman lo zot estate e koste lanmen ansanm pou konteste bann diferan lobstak negativ e anmenn bann bon valer e fason viv dan zot vwazinaz.
It is beautiful where neighbours understands each other, communicate well and make it their priority to live in harmony with each other.

Property Management Corporation

Our Mandate

The mandate of PMC (Property Management Corporation) defined under the 2004 Act is to:

  • Ensure the equitable provision of living accommodation for the people of Seychelles by sale, lease or rental of flats and houses in accordance with the Policy of the Government
  • To manage and maintain buildings and other properties on behalf of the Government Of Seychelles
  • To ensure the provision of utility services for the aforesaid rental flats and houses

PMC Offers you

PMC Seychelles

Management of Properties...

Property management of social housing estates and other government owned housing...

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After Hours

Support any issues on the weekend or Public Holidays. Please call (248)  2724000.

PMC Seychelles

Helping tenants to create better communities...

Occasional and regular meetings with relevant stakeholders to ensure compliance and better our services.

Customer Services

Request for Renovation

Request for Renovation

For all your repairs, maintenance, new construction. 

Re Roofing Scheme

Re Roofing Scheme

For all your roofing needs.

Installation of Services

Installation of Services

Installation of anything additional to your new home.

Property Management Company Seychelles


We strive to provide prompt, high quality service delivery, and affordable social accommodations at a time where housing needs are at its highest. Please let us know of any issues.

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No. of Estates
No. of Units
New Blocks as of January 2023

I Defann Gard Okenn Zanimo Lo Housing Estate.

I defann gard zanimo lo nenport housing estate. Menm si oun aste ou apartman, ouswa ou semi-detached, zanimo I enterdi. Anse moman, PMC I annan bokou konplet zanimo lo housing estate ki kree plizyer problem e lenkonvenyans pou tou dimoun.

Ed PMC pou kree bann kominote ki gou viv. 

Ed Nou Pou Ed Ou.

Pli bon fason pou viv lo en

Housing Estate